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Showcase your talent - Power Party is here!

Do you think being Superman and Wonder Woman are the only Superpowers girls and boys dream to have?

Anyone who can make someone happy is a superhero🕸️. Flaunt your Superpowers with your superhero friends!

Are you ready to save the day? Let's go🦸🦸‍♂️

Film a 90-second video and submit


What is your favourite Carnatic or Western? Vocal or instrumental? Choose a song that will best portray your skill!


What's your style of dancing? Bollywood, Western, Classical or Freestyle? The floor is yours!

Oratory (Speech)

Put your best foot forward! Sway us with your powerful speech. Topic: How I save the earth everyday

Visual Art


Arts(Painting, drawing etc.,)


Digital Arts

Meme Creation


  • Submit your photos/videos by 15 Jan 2022.

  • Superheroes getting the most likes on our Social media handles win! And guess what

  • *Rs 50,000 worth prizes*

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