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Who is this session for? This session is for children who are eager to improve their vocabulary about space and earth to be more effective, concise and powerful in what they say. This session will teach you how to choose specific alternatives to these common words, which helps you to more precisely convey your intended meaning. Things to Bring Notebook Pen What you will learn? If your kids would like to improve their vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner, this is the session for your children. Increase your confidence and ability to communicate at a more improved level. Vocabulary for kids must be presented to them as a skill that can be achieved by constant usage. Memorizing or studying hard is not a solution for learning vocabulary. Why wait? Register Now!! About the Inspirer Pavithra Mohanraj is from Coimbatore. She is a master of science graduate and she has done her BEC course from Cambridge University. She worked as a senior process executive. Pavithra worked as an English tutor under Vishwa Abhyasa academy Pavithra has helped thousands of learners to become more fluent, confident, and professional in their business English communication. Pavithra’s highly practical courses give learners the communication and language skills they need to develop their international careers. She believes that learning should be fun and available to everyone. She helps learners enhance their fluency and boost their confidence. Pavithra is pretty excited to share these treasures with you, enroll now!

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