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Who is this session for? This session is for someone who wants to create wonders using edible vegetables. This learning session will definitely unleash the artist in you. Things to Bring -White paper. -Paints. -Edible Vegetable -Decorative Items. -Scissors. -Glue. What you will learn? Moms of young kinds often complain that they have trouble cooking in peace – it’s hard when you’re constantly interrupted by cries of ‘Mommy I’m hungry’ or ‘Mommy I’m bored’! But what if you had a solution that ensured that you could cook dinner in peace, while also keeping an eye on your little ones without any interruption from them? Yes, it’s possible – with our vegetable printing art projects for kids! So while you slice and chop your veggies, give a slice to your preschooler with a pot of paint or a stamp pad and some paper. Then let them go crazy with their creativity and make some gorgeous artwork of their own! Vegetable printing is a terrific, inexpensive way to introduce printmaking to students. This is a form of printmaking that can be done with all ages. In this learning session you will be using existing vegetables to create exciting prints on paper or fabric. Make fun random prints or combine them to create interesting images. About the Inspirer Vijayalakshmi is a creative teaching professional who is highly talented in the wide array of artistic mediums. She has a talent for instilling art appreciation, and promoting creativity and open-mindness. She has a proven ability to maintain a well-disciplined and highly motivated online classroom environment. She offers individualized support and provides positive encouragement to ensure that each child learns to their level best. She is an Collaborative educator with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to cultivate and sustain a strong interactive bonding environment among the students. She finds it easier to concentrate on what an individual child needs, rather than blanket teaching them all the same thing. In this way each child’s latent artistic expression is brought to the fore and exposed in the best possible way.

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