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Who is this session for? This session is a great first step to learn the classic recipe you can make out of your sandwich maker. If you want to have new ideas for breakfast, lunch, or snacks then you might want to check out the recipe in this session. Ingredients (1) Bread slices (2) Onion (3) Tomatoes (4) Corn (5) Cucumber (6) Mayonnaise (7) Salt (8) Ketchup (9) Chaat masala What you will learn? This is a sandwich-making session, where you will learn a new recipe for preparing veg mayo sandwich toasts. Be it for breakfast, lunch, or snack - the recipe that you will get from this session will fit your needs for a delicious sandwich toast. In this learning session, you will be learning how to prepare a delicious mouthwatering veg mayo sandwich from our expert inspire. You will start from scratch and at the end you will learn the ins and outs of the veg mayo sandwich recipe. Explore new tastes and food combinations that can be used as sandwich fillings !! It’s time to tingle your taste buds! Register right away!! About the Inspirer Mohana Shree is a professional culinary tutor who has been teaching cooking for students for several years. She has exceptional knowledge of the structure and workflow of a kitchen and food preparation. She has an outstanding ability to work with diverse students with sensitivity to students’ needs. Her passion is to explain to students about fundamentals of cooking science. She loves to Instruct students in all areas of cooking and baking to a professional level. She also loves to educate students in courses in management skills. .Her Hands-on experience with culinary facilities and safety guidelines helps students to learn cooking with ease. Your kids will fall in love with cooking at the end of the session. Your child doesn't want to miss this amazing learning opportunity from our expert inspirer.

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