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Who is this session for? This session is for all the students who are interested in creating appreciable art using pieces of paper. This session is a creative and interactive artform designed specially for the innovative minds. Things to Bring Papers. Pencils. Glue. Thick White Card. Scissors. A4 Size Colors. What you will learn? You might think what good can I make out of paper? Defy your limits and create beautiful and attractive paper art. This learning session carefully aids you through every step of the way and addresses many of the common hurdles and trade secrets you need to know to make professional quality paper art. How to achieve different shapes? How to make 3-dimensional expressive art work with paper? Don’t you worry! You will be guided every step of the way, from drawing and painting the face, to constructing and assembling the doll and finally creating a beautiful outfit, including shoes. Even if you have never made a paper doll before, you will be able to create a special, hand crafted, Paper doll at the end of the session. About the Inspirer Vijayalakshmi is a creative teaching professional who is highly talented in the wide array of artistic mediums. She has a talent for instilling art appreciation, and promoting creativity and open-mindness. She has a proven ability to maintain a well-disciplined and highly motivated online classroom environment. She offers individualized support and provides positive encouragement to ensure that each child learns to their level best. She is an Collaborative educator with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to cultivate and sustain a strong interactive bonding environment among the students. She finds it easier to concentrate on what an individual child needs, rather than blanket teaching them all the same thing. In this way each child’s latent artistic expression is brought to the fore and exposed in the best possible way.

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