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Who is this session for? This session is for children who want to untangle their creativity by creating extraordinary Mandala designs. This learning session is definitely for students who are looking to calm their minds and tap into creativity. Things to Bring A4 Sheets Pencil/ Coloured pens/ Sketches Rounder/Compass Protractor Scale What you will learn? This class is specially designed for beginners and for kids who love art. This Mandala art is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create amazing drawings by assembling simple elements into complex structures of great beauty. In each session your child will be learning about, Various Patterns to create the Mandala. Construction of Grids for Mandala. Final Designing of the Mandala Art. The above given structure remains the same and the patterns vary for each individual session. At the end of each session your child will be learning how to create a complete piece of Mandala Art using the Grid Construction. About the Inspirer Rekha is a passionate teacher who loves to share her skill and knowledge. She was working as a Maths Teacher in Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools. She also has trained aspiring students for GRE exams. Her interests have always been around art and craft works right from childhood. She also loves cooking and showcases her talent in cooking and other creative learnings through her YouTube Channel. Art has been her lifelong passion. Are you a person who finds interest in structure? Oh! Drawing structured patterns are just so addicting. You can’t get over it easily? This mandala session is just for you! Enjoy the art of making structured designs to create absolutely fantastic art. This can be so relaxing and can make you create impressive artwork. You will surely be surprised at how relaxed and creative you have become. Creativity at its heights. Get ready to explore and layer your creativity!

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