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Who is this Session for? Public Speaking session at Learner Circle is for students who want to master the knack of speaking confidently in public without facing any hurdles. This session is for students who want to be outstanding communicators in their professional and personal life. Things to Bring : -Notebook -Pen What you will learn? Communication is fundamental to children's development; children need to be able to understand and be understood. In this session, you will be learning the basics of communication and public speaking from our expert inspirer. Effective public speaking can help your child to become a thought leader. It allows them to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. The benefits of learning to speak confidently in public at the youngest possible age can pay huge dividends across all areas of our lives as we get older. In this learning session, you will be learning about, 1. How to speak confidently in public. 2. How to speak clearly and interactively in public. 3. How to influence and engage others more effectively. 4. How to significantly enhance the speaking style. 5. How to connect with others easily. About the Inspirer : Kavitha Kumar is a corporate educator professionally. She has conducted communication and soft skills training programs for many corporate and college students on various topics such as conflict management, POSH, and communication skills. Apart from being a soft skills adviser, she loves to read and paint. She is also an active member of an NGO, who loves to help special and underprivileged children. She is such an enthusiastic person who loves to conduct this training and by which she gets immense satisfaction in imparting knowledge to her peer learners. Communication and Soft skills are essential in business and life. Do you desire to be an outstanding communicator in your career and personal life? This is it then! Use this as a golden opportunity to upskill your life.

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