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Who is this session for? Kalikambar and Siruthondar session at Learner Circle is for children who want to learn the ins and outs about Hindu Mythology. You will explore what the true intentions of these stories are, and come to appreciate why they speak so powerfully to us. Things to Bring Notebook Pen What you will learn? What can someone learn from divinely led Human beings such as Kalikambar and Siruthondar? Nowadays, grandparents are not aware of Hindu Mythological Stories. But we are delivering this one of a kind Session just to deliver immense knowledge about the lives of powerful yet simple individuals which can impact your child’s life. If you are fascinated you are interested in knowing the soul of Hindu mythology, then this session is perfect for you. Hindu Mythology with a deep insight can help you to truly understand the substance behind these astonishing stories that we have been hearing for ages. Enroll Now!! About the Inspirer Ms. Kasturi from Coimbatore has been telling Hindu mythological stories for many years. She is exceptionally enthusiastic about expressions and which is the reason she chose to put together this session and offer her insights and wisdom to the kids all throughout the world. She has deep knowledge and extensively reads about the Nayanars and various Hindu Leaders. She believes that storytelling should be fun and she helps kids enhance their fluency and boost their confidence. Her in-depth knowledge on Hindu mythology will help unleash the leadership skills. Kasturi is a passionate teacher with extensive knowledge in Hindu Mythology and is very excited to share the lives of divinely led Kalikambar and Siruthondar, Enroll now!

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