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Basics of guitar, knowing the keys, playing a scale and holding chords

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Learning Session Details Course Duration – 30 hours Age – 10 to 18 years Who is this course for? The guitar is a six-string musical instrument in which anyone falls in love at the first sight. Playing the guitar adds so much fun and happiness to any environment. Do you have a dusty guitar lying on the shelf? Dust it off and join the learning session. Play your heart out and cherish every moment of learning. What you will learn? In this course, you will learn how to start playing your instrument from the scratch to top-notch level. Be patient and remember: focus on being accurate and play in consistent time with your metronome. These things are far more important than playing with speed. 1) Introduction to Guitar 2) Fundamental Guitar Skills 3) The twelve half steps and basic notation 4) Scales: Construction and Fingering Technique 5) Chords: Building Easy Triads and Power Chords 6) Putting it All together: The Pentatonic Scale and Songs It is important to attend all the classes without fail to get the best out of this learning session. About the Inspirer Rebecca John is a Project Manager in an IT company and is a lover of life. She has been playing the keys from her 7th grade. Music has always been an integral part of her life. She loves listening to various genres of music and loves learning voraciously on anything that she loves. Rebecca dearly describes, “I have been associated with music ever since I have remembrance of my existence” with a smile. She also loves traveling, photography, and socializing with interesting people. Rebecca is a versatile person who never runs out of enthusiasm and cheer. Start your music journey now.

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