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Understanding the ins and outs of primary level English Grammar.

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Learning Session Details Course Duration – 8 hours Age – Between 6 to 13 years Who is this course for? This course is for children who want to upgrade their listening and reading skills in English. Master English grammar and take your English to the next level! Things to Bring 1) Ruled Notebook-Must* 2) Pencil 3) Pen What you will learn? A. Session I – Introduction to grammar – definition of grammar. 1. A-Z – Alphabets. 2. rom alphabets – words 3. Words with verbs – sentence with complete meaning. 4. Subject predicate – Exercise given – all with examples. B. Session II : Types of sentences 1. Parts of speech 8 parts – Nouns, verb, pronoun, adjectives, definitions with examples. C. Session III : Adverb, preposition, conduction and exclamatory – Definition with examples. D. Session IV. Nouns – Types of proper, common, collective, material – Definition with examples. Noun – Numbers, Gender. E. Session V. Articles Degree of comparison – positive, comparative and superlative Verb – Transitive and Intrasitive Verb – Agreement with the subject F. Session VI – Tenses – Present, past and future – 12 forms – with examples. G. Session VII – Punctuation marks – question tags – picture composition, H. Session VIII – Vocabulary, General composition About the Inspirer Freeda Joseph is professionally a teacher. She worked as a vocational teacher for 23 years in St. Ursula’s A.I.H.S. School, Church Park. She retired as a vocational teacher in the year of 2010 and now she is educating English Grammar to thousands of students through online classes. She is a passionate music listener and she loves to collect many quotable quotations. She is such an energetic person who loves to impart knowledge to many students. Freeda encourages young minds to develop the habit of book reading. She is a well-disciplined and goal-oriented person who loves to motivate youngsters to express their talents whenever they get a chance. She will be teaching the techniques and key concepts of English grammar. If you are struggling between ‘in’ and ‘on’ then this session will be an eye-opener for your English grammar venture.

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