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A foundation to the Basics coding DURATION:22 Sessions AGE: 8+Yrs

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Course Duration: 3 Months (22 Sessions) Who is this Course For? This course is specifically designed for people who want to learn to program, especially for children. You will Learn Class 1: The class 1 starts with the Kids introduction making them understand the importance of programming. Followed by a small puzzle in Objective: This session gives a kid an understanding of the words “Programming/coding” , and usage of website. Kids will have control on the platform and know how to solve the puzzle. Class 2: This session will be a continuation of class1, where we solve the remaining puzzle and will end the milestone. Objective: Kids will understand comments and loops usage. Class 3: How many of you went to the aquarium?? Have pets as Fish??? Today we are going to make our own aquarium and make the fish move while touching it with our mouse … Interesting right without wasting time let’s start !!!! Objective: Kids will get introduced to sprite lab and animation. Class 4: Jimmy is hungry and also tired. Use the power in your hands to move Jimmy towards the carrot, so that he can eat the cake. Objective: Kids will use mouse click in animation Class 5: A cactus was grown in the middle of football court, players needs to pass the ball to the goal post without touching the cactus Objective: Kids will use arrow keys in animation Class 6: A constellation is a group of stars that appears to form a pattern or picture like some animal, bird or an alphabet. Objective: Kids will understand usage of location Class 7: Locking the animals in the cage. Two animals came out of the cage in a zoo. We are going to lock them back in the cage. But the cages are crossly placed. Objective: Kids will understand the movement using directions. Class 8: We have to find our jet in the space so that we can go back to our planet !!!!!! Objective: A kick start to game like animation Class 9: Kids are asked to create their own animation in a paper like a draft. The draft created in paper is created in the lab. This personalized animation is created for the demo in class 10. Objective: Preparation for Demo. Class 10: Demo to wider audience by the Kids Objective: Complete Understanding of programming. There are lots of courses that teach programming and of course, we suggest you do as many as you can. However, if this is your first time, or if you are wanting to see if programming is for your children, then this is the best course for you.

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