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Become a Chess Master Duration: 25 Sessions Age – Above 6 years

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What You will learn? 1) Board Arrangement and piece introduction- Rank, file, square names, orientation of board, piece name, value, movement of pieces castling 2) Algebraic Notation- How to write a move, capture, castling, pawn promotion etc. 3) Chess Terminologies- attack, capture, check, stale mate, defense, touch piece, pin, fork, exchange, hanging piece, free piece/pawn. 4) Mating Positions 5) Mate in one Problems- 20 problems 6) Elementary Mates- Mate with two major pieces, Fool's Mate 7) Advanced Rules- Castling, Draw, Enpassant, Tournament Rules 8) End Game- Level 1 ( Mating with a single rook/queen, shortcut mates using cut-off 9) Tactical Problems- Basic chess techniques like pin, fork, discovered attack, discovered check, double attack, skewer etc. About the Tutor Pon Perumal is from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He is a Business Administration Graduate and he is been in the field of chess for more than 10 years as a player and 3 years as a professional chess coach. He is an International FIDE Rated Player, State Arbiter(TN), MS University champion 2016-2019. He is known for his quick tactical calculations, which he has displayed by winning many chess titles. He has always impressed everyone with his quick thinking and fast moves. Many students under his guidance learned all about the best tactical moves in chess. His joyful personality, forward-thinking approach, and simple yet elegant way of teaching will definitely unleash the chess master in your kid.

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