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Learn the Beauty and Divinity of Bharatanatyam Age: Above 7 years

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Total Course Duration: 20 hours Bharathanatyam is an art in which body movements generally based on rhythm of the music. This art form is mainly used as a form of expression. We will have three levels of learning journey with interesting assessments. At the end of the course the shishya would be able to present themselves as a qualified Bharathanatyam dancer. What you will learn? 1) Both the theory and practical aspects of Bharathanatyam. 2) Basics of Bharathanatyam mudras and poses. 3) Knacks of Balance and Grace. 4) Basics of Expression and Emoting. 5) Various Bharathanatyam Posture, Rhythm and Technique. 6) Ins and Outs of Namaskaram, Warm-up exercises and Basic Terminologies. 7) Ability to perform various Adavus in various speeds. Aim 1) To provide an opportunity for the artist to unleash their hidden talent and develop themselves. 2) Build Confidence with foot movements, hand gestures as well as facial expressions. 3) To make the dancer strong in all the aspects like intellectually, artistically, mentally and physically. About the Tutor Aasmi Aqib is a professional Bharathanatyam dancer from Kerala. She is a qualified Bahrathanatyam tutor who have inspired many young minds to become a professional classical dancer. Her way of teaching has a syllabus for dance in both theory and dancing part. She has done several notable performances in her dancing career. She is a passionate classical dancer who has keen interest to teach this art form to various students. She believes by learning Bharathanatyam one can build self confidence, team work , creativity and perseverance.

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