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Who is this session for? This session is for students who want to learn all about places around the world in a fun and interactive way. This session is not just about cold factual information, it’s way more beyond that. If you want your child to get a feel for what society is like in a different country, then you definitely need to enroll in this session. Things to Bring All you need to bring is enthusiasm with a bag full of curiosity. What you will learn? The world is a vast place, and there's always something new to discover outside the region you live in. In this session, your child will discover more interesting places outside their region. Your child will be learning, Different places around the world, region wise. Explore each region’s culture, food, etiquette, speciality and much more. Important information of particular countries like the National flag, National Animal and much more. Of course, these are only guidelines and there will be covering more in the session including every little aspect of a country. It's fascinating to read about life in another country, and this session can provide vital information about the world to your child and will definitely enrich your child’s international awareness. Key Takeaways - Curiosity Building - Engaged Learning - Sensory Development About the Inspirer Anuradha is a Digital Marketer by profession. She is an optimistic personality who has been brave enough to dabble between multiple career choices, from being an IT professional to a self-published author to a storyteller. Enjoying being a mother of two, she loves interacting with children. She believes strongly that knowledge that is gathered willingly from the world stays longer in the children. Thus she believes in experiential learning. She knows how to make children look forward to learning without making it a chore. She makes use of multiple senses and inculcates sensory experiences in her sessions. This helps the child learn anything new with ease without their knowledge. This also helps them to retain in memory for long.

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