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Session 1: Introduction and Basics


Introduction to the ukulele (parts and types)

How to hold the ukulele

Tuning the ukulele (GCEA)

Basic strumming technique (down-strokes)

Session 2: Basic Chords


C major chord

G major chord

Changing between C and G

Session 3: More Chords


F major chord

Am (A minor) chord

Changing between F and Am

Session 4: Practice and Strumming Patterns


Review previous chords

Introduction to up-strokes

Practice strumming patterns with C, G, F, and Am

Session 5: First Song


Learn a simple song using C, G, and F chords

Focus on chord transitions and strumming rhythm

Session 6: Chord Progressions


Introduction to chord progressions

Learn songs with basic progressions (e.g., C-G-Am-F)

Session 7: Strumming Patterns


Explore more strumming patterns (e.g., down-down-up-up-down)

Apply them to familiar chords and songs

Session 8: Basic Fingerpicking


Introduction to fingerpicking technique

Practice fingerpicking exercises

Session 9: Scales and Melody


Learn the C major scale

Play simple melodies using the scale

Session 10: Songwriting Basics


Introduction to song structure (verse, chorus, bridge)

Encourage students to write their own simple songs

Session 11: Barre Chords


Introduction to barre chords (F and Bb)

Practice transitioning between open and barre chords

Session 12: Playing in Different Keys


Learn to play songs in different keys using the Circle of Fifths

Session 13: More Advanced Fingerpicking


Explore more complex fingerpicking patterns

Apply them to familiar songs or melodies

Session 14: Playing by Ear


Develop the ability to play by ear, listening to simple tunes and playing them on the ukulele

Session 15: Song Interpretation


Interpretation and expression in playing

Encourage students to add their own style to songs

Session 16: Performance and Next Steps


Each student prepares a song to perform for the class

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