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In the year 2050, Dr. Xenon discovers the Heart of Spyder, a powerful
alien artifact. A villain named Vernon steals it, planning to enslave
humanity with an army of symbiotes. Xenon teams up with Jesse, a
young man bonded to the good symbiote Acid, to stop Vernon. Their
adventure takes them across the galaxy in a thrilling fight to save


At Learner Circle, we're dedicated to nurturing children's passions and
fostering their growth. Through our book publishing initiative, we aim
to inspire young authors and celebrate the fruits of their labor. With
great care, we've preserved the authenticity of each author's voice
while addressing any logical pitfalls, ensuring a journey of both
creativity and clarity.

The Heart of spyder

₹400.00 Regular Price
₹350.00Sale Price
  • Sahil Razib Khan

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