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The story revolves around Arya, an adventurous eleven-year-old who discovers a mysterious time-travelling watch in a red gift box. Together with her friend Jane, Arya embarks on various time-travelling adventures, visiting different time periods and places. However, during one trip to the past, Arya gets stuck when the watch malfunctions. Seeking help. she meets her future mother, Laura, who works with a scientist named Mr. Alex. They discover that Mr. Alex had created the watch in 1999, intending to build a time machine. With Mr. Alex's expertise, Arya's watch is fixed, allowing her to return to her own time. Grateful for the assistance, Arya bids farewell to Laura and her family, returning home with a newfound appreciation for her adventures and the bonds she's formed.

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Stuck in time

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  • Sainika Mahesh

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