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Final Outcome

By the end of the 5-day workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of robotics and basic concepts such as sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers.

  • Gain hands-on experience in building and programming robots using Arduino.

  • Learn troubleshooting techniques for identifying and solving problems in robotics projects.

  • Complete a final robotics project demonstrating their skills and creativity.

  • Present their projects and receive constructive feedback from peers.

  • Receive a digital certificate of completion.

Additional Tips

  • Encourage participants to continue exploring robotics and experimenting with different sensors, actuators, and programming techniques.

  • Provide positive and constructive feedback to foster growth and improvement.

  • Foster a supportive and collaborative online environment for all participants.

  • Encourage participants to share their robotics projects and experiences with others in the robotics community.

This plan ensures that participants gain practical knowledge and skills in robotics, from basic concepts to completing a final project, all conducted through an online platform.

Robotics(5 Days Workshop)

₹3,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,500.00Sale Price
  • Introduction to Robotics and Basic Concepts


    • Understand the fundamentals of robotics and basic concepts.


    • Introduction (Live Session): Overview of the workshop objectives and structure.

    • What is Robotics: Introduction to the field of robotics, its applications, and importance.

    • Basic Concepts: Explanation of basic robotics concepts such as sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers.

    • Introduction to Arduino: Overview of Arduino microcontroller and its role in robotics projects.

    • Hands-On Exercise: Participants assemble a simple robot using Arduino and basic electronic components (e.g., motors, sensors).

    • Q&A Session: Address participants' questions and provide additional explanations.

    • Homework: Write a simple Arduino program to control the robot's movement.

    Materials Needed:

    • Video conferencing platform for live session

    • Arduino kits for each participant

    • Basic electronic components (motors, sensors, wires)

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