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Final Outcome

By the end of the 5-day workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the principles of handwriting improvement and the importance of legible handwriting.

  • Improve letter formation, consistency, speed, and personal style in their handwriting.

  • Incorporate flourishes and embellishments for creativity.

  • Present a final handwriting sample demonstrating improvements made.

  • Receive constructive feedback for further improvement.

  • Receive a digital certificate of completion.

Additional Tips

  • Encourage participants to continue practicing handwriting regularly to maintain and further improve their skills.

  • Provide positive and constructive feedback to foster growth and improvement.

  • Foster a supportive and collaborative online environment for all participants.

  • Encourage participants to explore different handwriting styles and continue experimenting with flourishes and embellishments beyond the workshop.

This plan ensures that participants gain practical knowledge and skills in handwriting improvement, from basic principles to developing a personal style, all conducted through an online platform.

Hand Writing(5 Days Workshop)

₹3,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,500.00Sale Price
  • Introduction to Handwriting Improvement


    • Understand the importance of handwriting and basic principles for improvement.


    • Introduction (Live Session): Overview of the workshop objectives and structure.

    • Importance of Handwriting: Discuss why handwriting matters in communication and personal development.

    • Basic Principles: Introduce key principles for handwriting improvement, including posture, grip, and letter formation.

    • Handwriting Analysis: Participants analyze their current handwriting and identify areas for improvement.

    • Hands-On Exercise: Practice basic handwriting drills to improve grip, posture, and letter formation.

    • Q&A Session: Address participants' questions and provide additional explanations.

    • Homework: Practice handwriting drills and write a short passage focusing on applying the principles learned.

    Materials Needed:

    • Video conferencing platform for live session

    • Handwriting worksheets for drills

    • Pen or pencil, notebook or lined paper

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