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Learning session details

Age: 6 to 9 years

Course Duration: 30 Sessions

French For Kids

  • This course is designed for someone who wants to learn and speak French language with confidence. You would be able to converse with a French Speaker at the end of this course.

  • Greetings in French

    • Auxiliary verbs (to be/to have)

    • Understand days of the week and months of the  year.

    • Genders (masculine/feminine)

    • Count (numbers)

    • Definite and indefinite articles

    • Spell words

    • Plural form

    • Introduce yourself (give your age, your job, talk  about your family, say where you are from, where  you live, say the languages you speak)

    • Possessive adjectives (my,  your, his/her…)

    • Ask questions (1)

    • Regular verbs at present tense  (-er verbs)

    • Learn basic vocabulary

    • Understand a menu/Order at a restaurant

    • Plural of nouns

    • Ask questions (2)

    • “on” pronoun

    • Understand and give directions (1)

    • Negation

    • Speak about the weather

    • Prepositions of location (in, on,  next to, in front of…)

    • Say the time

    • Use « Quel », « Est-ce que »  and « Qu’est-ce que » in a  question

    • Suggest an outing

    • Demonstrative adjectives (this,  that)

    • Buy in shops

    • Do your grocery shopping

    • Partitive articles

    • Indicate a quantity

    • Answering a negative question

    • Speak about the future (1)

    • Futur Proche (future tense)

    • Make a positive/negative comment

    • Reflexive verbs (se lever…)

    • Describe someone

    • Imperative Form

    • Speak about the past (1)

    • Passé Composé (past tense)

    • Talk about a duration

    • Présent Continu (Present  continuous)

    • Talk about your studies

    • Direct pronouns

    • Give an advice, order (1)

    • Time markers

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