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Putting the seed of Entrepreneurship at a early age helps children to break the barrier when they grow up. Our current education system instills a lot of fear in children when it comes to starting a business. This course will let a child explore what it takes to start a business. 

Topics to be covered
1. What is entrepreneurship. Job vs Business
2. How do you get started?
3. Ideation
4. Solve a problem
5. Make your solution as a product or service that will be paid for.
6. How to start a company? Legal processes like registering a company.
7. How to protect your ideas? Patent, copyright laws etc 
8. How do you make money?
9. Basic financials - P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow etc.


Register now as you will be surprised that your child could challenge you in business when they grow up.


For more details and please whatsapp us at +919500002463

Entrepreneurship Course

  • Number of classes: 15

    Duration of one class: 40 minutes

    Mode: Online LIVE interactive classes on GMEET/ Zoom

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