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The Winners of QPL 6.0

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The QPL 6.0 winners are..


Learner Circle is basking in the success of QPL 6.0, a mega quizzing event conducted online on 12 Nov, 2022. The event had participants from all over the world and went through a few elimination rounds to an edgy, exciting finals. The quiz master Arun Nair, conducted the event in an engaging manner, putting all the participants at ease, encouraging them to participate more actively. This is not the first time that Learner Circle has conducted an event online, a leading EdTech in India, has been consistently hosting quiz events. Quizzing has always had a powerful impact on the learning capabilities of children. In fact, studies show that among many other things, quizzes have amazing cognitive benefits on students. A significant contribution to classroom behavior or learning behavior is that it helps students reduce mind-wandering by at least 50%.

The winners

After the exciting elimination rounds, the finalists moved on to battle it out for the QPL International trophy. The winners of the event are Adwaith Arun in first place, Joel Isaac in second place, Rudra Joshi in third place and Ashwin Chandrasekar in fourth place.

Adwaith Arun bagged the first placed in QPL 6.0 a mega online quizzing event

Adwaith Arun participated with a lot of confidence and zeal. He displayed a lot of focus and showed interest in many topics discussed during the event. A curious child, Adwaith Arun loves to constantly learn new things and is always reading up on things he loves.

picture of Adwaith Arun
Adwaith Arun

Joel Isaac bags the second place, slowly inching his way up

In second place is Joel Isaac who gave his opponents a lot of competition and displayed a lot of determination towards winning. He selected his topics carefully and answered thoughtfully. He observed his opponents with intent, listening to his opponents and trying to grasp as much knowledge as possible.

Rudra Joshi bags the third place

A picture of Joel Isaac
Joel Isaac

Rudra Joshi

In third place is Rudra Joshi who consistently displayed a great enthusiasm for quizzing and played the game with great sportsmanship. His knowledge and attitude towards learning galvanised him throughout the tournament. His presence added a fun element to the game throughout.

Ashwin Chandrasekar

In fourth place is Ashwin Chandrasekar who participated with intent and a lot of passion. He was highly engaged in the event and displayed a lot of interest in the questions. He chose his answers carefully and his participation added an edgy element to the game.

A picture of Ashwin Chandrasekar
Ashwin Chandrasekar


Learner Circle is extremely excited that QPL 6.0 was a big success bringing together many children from different parts of the world. The QPL platform has increased our community of young learners who display a lot of intelligence and aptitude towards learning new skills consistently. We take great pleasure in working with passionate children, nurturing them to be future leaders of the world. Learner Circle will be conducting other events regularly online so that we can spread our net of learning worldwide drawing in more children to be a part of this ever-growing community. If you want more details on our upcoming events or regular courses, kindly visit our website for more details.

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