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The need to keep children engaged

Two reasons why you need to ensure that your child is engaged productively online

Most children don’t like being bored these days. In fact, these days children feel the need to be entertained 24/7. But for decades now, experts claim that boredom is actually a good thing and it helps kids develop creativity, skills and self-esteem.

‘’it’s not boredom itself that helps children acquire these skills but it’s what they do with the boredom’’

Previously the dilemma was between keeping children engaged in structured activity non-stop or giving them ample free time to get bored and discover themselves. With the onset of the pandemic and access to the World Wide Web, the lines between free time and being engaged are blurring. Most kids these days equate ‘free time’ to being online or playing video games. So, there is no question of boredom. In fact, our kids’ minds are being bombarded with highly stimulating activity even during their free time. It has become more of a challenge for a lot of parents to ensure their kids are actively engaged in skill-based or creative activities.

‘’Typically, kids don’t plan their days, but when they work on a project to fill their time, they have to create a plan, organize their materials and solve problems’’ says Jodi Musoff.

Unfortunately, these days, kids plan their days with interactive video game time. This behavior runs across kids of all ages, in fact as early as middle school.

It is therefore important for parents to tackle screen time proactively.

Learner Circle identified this gap for parents and we have provided an infinite learning platform for kids to be actively engaged during their free time. The activities are skill based and induce creative thinking for children in a learner centric classroom. We are proud to say that we have managed to build a wide network of teachers who have lots of experience and capabilities in their chosen field.

Why is it important to keep children engaged?

1. Avoid video games addiction

Engaging children in a challenging activity that helps build skill and creativity will help your child get away from addictions to video games. According to the All India Gaming Federation, India’s online gaming industry is expected to be worth Rs.15,500 crore by 2023. A 2019 survey found that India has the second largest number of gamers after South Korea. Manoj Sharma a clinical psychology Professor at NIMHANS stated that the number of addiction cases in adolescents has increased tremendously. Most parents are worried about behavior changes in their teenagers – insomnia, academic failure, extreme anger and withdrawal from social contacts. In 2018, The WHO categorized gaming disorder as a mental health condition, but post the pandemic as screen time increased concerns have been mounting.

2. Channelize your kid’s digital time

Considering a lot of parents still work from home, it is quite a challenge for them to enforce digital fasting for their kids. Instead, parents can ensure their kids time online is a structured activity by signing up for various workshops. Even if your child is a diligent learner and engages in productive activities online like reading or quizzing, children are bound to get distracted with constant pop-ups or ads. We therefore recommend identifying your child’s passion and directing your child’s energies towards nurturing the same. Learner Circle provides courses across a wide range of activities; we have music, dance, art and languages to help your child stay safe online.


Learning a skill has numerous benefits for children while keeping them actively engaged. While it does help enhance their cognitive thinking skills, creativity and problem solving skills, it also helps them to avoid overdosing on gaming. Our activities like dance will also help keep your child physically active and mentally fit. This will also help the child in academic achievements and in their social interactions. Thereby, helping children build their self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional intelligence. All our children at learner Circle have had very positive experiences with their teachers. Written below is a testimonial from Gayathri Hareesh, our keyboard student.

‘’I am Gayathri Hareesh. I was looking for a keyboard teacher when my mother found out about Learner circle for me. I like my keyboard class very much. My teacher taught me all the notations. Now I’m learning songs. Now I can play all the songs myself. When i play the songs myself, I feel happiness in my heart that I can play all these songs myself. I thank learner circle for giving me this opportunity to learn the keyboard. Thank you learner circle’’. (sic)

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