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Simple Tips to Improve your Handwriting

Handwriting is more than just a part of communication. It’s part of our identity and uniqueness; you can always tell if some script is written by you or someone else.

Beautiful handwriting can turn papercraft projects and artwork into meaningful, artistic messages. People often assume that calligraphy and handwriting are one to one, but they’re not.

Handwriting refers to the style and technique that you use to jot things down daily. Handwriting needs to be quicker, elegant, and more practical than calligraphy.

 Looking to make your everyday handwriting more beautiful? Read on to discover some simple tips to improve your everyday handwriting.

Stable Worksurface and Choice of Pen

It’s the ultimate fact that you can write neatly and legitimately only on a stable surface. Writing on a desk will provide you with a more stable platform than any other surface.

You’ll have to find a pen that works for you! Your choice of a pen will sometimes affect how you write. 

A fountain pen can yield a different handwriting style when compared to a ballpoint pen.

The best choice of pen for everyday writing is the Pilot G2 05 because of the stroke width, the grip, and the jet black ink.

Maintaining Grip

A nice, relaxed grip is one of the main reasons that will improve your handwriting.

A “relaxed grip” refers to that none of the muscles in your hand are overly flexed, and your fingernails shouldn’t be white from holding the pen’s barrel.

Many people tend to have a clutchy hold of their pen, which will result in an achy hand after a few minutes of writing.

You may often clutch without realizing that you are actually doing it, so try to check yourself every few minutes to make sure you’re still holding the pen comfortably.

Work on your Basics

Start with writing in big bold letters like you used to when you were learning letters in kindergarten. This may sound crazy but believe definitely it yields higher results.

You can even try writing using crayons and markers, this can help reshape and retrain your handwriting muscles for writing on a smaller scale.

You must also pay attention to your posture and position. These two are the major keys to improve your handwriting.

Practice Worksheets

If you want a well-structured way to improve your handwriting, you must have to practice a lot of worksheets.

Worksheets are generally used to get familiar with the words and letters. The more you start working with the practice sheets, the more you will get an idea about writing.

If possible find a book or magazine, choose a random page, point to a paragraph. Write it out for practice.

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