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Learning can be fun during Christmas time!

Christmas is around the corner. The spirit of Christmas is infectious, though it may be celebrated in different ways globally; everyone feels the same feeling of cheer and sheer joy. It’s because Christmas brings with it the expectation of happiness, togetherness and lots of fun. It is one of those festivals that draw communities and families together. It is a time not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but also to celebrate families, friendships and gratitude.

A picture of santa in front of a christmas tree holding a note that says presents for good kids
Christmas is around the corner

Christmas is generally associated as a religious festival and a celebration of traditions. A festive time that’s filled with evergreen trees, nativity scenes, carols and aromas of Christmas cake. Over the years, the festival has evolved, businesses have commercialized it like other festivals and educational institutions use it as a good time to impart learning and knowledge to children. What kind of learning can be given to children through Christmas?

Two hands holding out two cut off cookies in the backdrop of a christmas outlet
Christmas is magical

Art and Craft

Christmas imparts a beautiful vibrant visual. Art and Craft is a great technique to portray the spirit of Christmas and what it brings. Through art and craft children can learn about the different weather conditions countries experience around the globe through Christmas time. It is a fun way to learn about various traditional foods and other traditions associated with Christmas. Art and Craft helps to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s also a good way to introduce textures, colors and materials. Whether it is a blank canvas or newspaper, it sure is a fun way to engage kids and watch their creativity come alive.

A picture of cones, nutmeg and various dry fruits strung together
Christmas is a great time to learn


Lights! Camera! Action!

Christmas is the season for drama. It’s the season when the 3 wise men follow the star. It is the time of the year when Schools and theater groups are busy re-enacting the birth of Christ. The story of Christmas is told over and over again on the stage. It’s a beautiful way for children to learn about the story of Christmas and the art of acting. With the excitement of Christmas, it is easy for children to overcome the fear of being on stage. It’s a great excuse to learn communication through voice modulation, facial expressions and body language. It is also a good method to exercise memory and recall abilities as children learn to narrate the story of Christmas through script.

The nativity scene
The Story of Jesus


Christmas time is a season filled with music. It’s a time that’s filled with Christmas songs and carols. Children come together to sing carols, play the guitar and piano with their families or communities. Parents like to show off about their kids’ musical skills like singing or playing an instrument during family gatherings. When children are part of such a gathering, it is easy to get inspired by all the festivity and the positive vibes. It’s important to take advantage of that feeling and encourage them to participate. Music provides opportunities to learn rhythm, recognize patterns, memories lyrics and learn different musical notations. It is known to have a tremendous impact on the cognitive development of children.

A girl singing in front of a christmas tree
A Christmas Carol


Like all festivals, Christmas too is associated with amazing food, like delicious Christmas cakes and cookies. It is a perfect time for children to get into the kitchen with their parents and learn to make a few dishes. Christmas cookies are the easiest recipes to start off with. Children really enjoy the cut-outs and watching the cookies come out in various shapes. So, it’s a really great time to cajole your kids in the kitchen and give them some cooking skills. Cooking skills are survival skills, it is essential that kids learn a few tricks in the kitchen.

Christmas cookies and cookie cut-outs
Christmas Cookies

Christmas is a great time to learn new skills

It’s holiday time and if children are not engaging in something creative, they are bound to get into bad habits like gaming and excess digital exposure. The constant worry these days is the amount of time children spend on their i-pads, smart phones and gaming devices. So, we have to go back to traditional ways to engage our kids. It has become imperative for parents to keep them mentally and physically stimulated in offline mode. What better time than Christmas to introduce new skills to them?

An assortment of christmas cookies
Christmas lessons

It’s never too late to learn something new! Through these lessons children will also learn the importance of family, togetherness, joy and friendship. Learner Circle has a variety of courses to keep children engaged during the holidays! These online courses will help children develop various skills and channelize their creative energies in a fun manner. Do not hesitate to visit our website for more details.

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