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Keep calm and play the keyboard

a picture of someone playing the piano
Keep calm and play the piano
Music can change the world- Beethoven

Learner Circle has developed a concise, fun, interactive online keyboard course for kids and adults. Our keyboard courses are structured as per Trinity Certification. Our courses are aimed at working as cognitive interventions for early age development. It is also suitable for adults who want to learn new skills or brush up an old skill. Learning the keyboard enhances cognitive abilities, skill development, working memory and creativity.

Why should kids learn keyboard at Learner Circle

We have a structured curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to enhance cognitive thinking and musical skills. It is planned in a way to help the child progress through various levels easily. It is also aligned with the Trinity syllabus to enable students to continue towards a Trinity certification after this short online course. It is a good pathway to begin a bright future in music. Here are the curriculum levels:

Level 1
Basic exercise on sight.  Reading and time Signatures
Level 2
TCL Grade 1 Exercises and Music Theory
Level 3
TCL Grade 2 and 3 complex Technical works

a picture of a girl playing the piano
Comprehensive curriculum at Learner Circle

Practice sessions

We understand the importance of practice and therefore have taken the initiative to include free practice sessions as part of the course.

Music is life itself - Louis Armstrong

Online sessions

We are delighted that we have an online platform that makes the course easily accessible for kids from various parts of the world.

Learning the keyboard has 2 important advantages that can significantly impact a child’s behavior.

1. Cognitive influences

There are strong cognitive influences for those who play the keyboard/piano. It improves abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning math and science. It also improves creative thinking, working memory and concentration.

2. Emotional and Social intelligence

Studies have shown that children who play an instrument are more resilient to failure and challenges thereby making them emotionally stronger. As kids who play music have enhanced communication and listening skills, they also lean towards more enriched social experiences.

Expert tutors and a supportive team:

About Mr. Philip

Philip is a keyboard artist who has completed Grade 5 in Trinity Guildhall Music College, London. He thinks from the learning point of his students to understand different learning patterns. He breaks down tedious tasks of listening, synchronizing and playing into easy steps.

Philip, like any other star artist, recommends everyday practice! He loves teaching and sharing the vast knowledge that he has attained through years of experience. His leisure is spent most pleasurably with his keyboard. Every time he listens to a tune that captures his heart, he is sure to try his hand at it! About Mr. Varatharaj

Varatharaj Palaniappan is an Engineer and has graduated from B-School. He works in the Healthcare Sector as a Supervisor. He loves to try his hand at different things. He has secured Grade 5 in Theory of Music under London College of Music. He has ventured into his own Fine Arts Academy to share his expertise in various art forms. Especially with his students who are zealous to access new levels of learning. He invests his energy in providing the best Academic and Non-Academic education to his learners.

About Mr. Hariharan

Mr. Hariharan is a passionate musician and has been playing the keyboard for more than six years. He is a Trinity grade 8 certified professional keyboard coach. He has had a passion for music since a very young age. This passion has given him the drive to create his music and express himself through music. On his journey as a music teacher, he continues to over-deliver and takes his passion to new heights. He believes that everyone has the capacity of learning if they are taught in the right way! About Joy Mariya Rubert Joy Mariya Rubert is a professional keyboardist. She has completed 5 Grades in Electronic Keyboard in Trinity Music college London. Teaching has been her passion since childhood. She truly believes that a good teacher can impart values through learning. Her goal in life is to share her musical knowledge and wisdom with curious learners around the world.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley


If you would like to browse through our courses, kindly visit our website for more details. We also encourage our visitors to avail of the free demo facility we have offered for the inclined and the curious.

A picture of a boy playing the keyboard
Learn the keyboard at Learner Circle


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