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Conversation with QPL Winner - Haricharan Venkatesan

We are very excited about the results of the Quiz premier league conducted by learner Circle recently. The QPL was part of our talent spotlight initiative to bring together talented children across diverse areas.

Haricharan Venkatesan talks about his experience in QPL.

Haricharan Venkatesan

I learned a lot

Haricharan is a 12 year old student of DPS, Dubai. He said that he learned a lot from the QPL, as it was a very different experience for him. It was atypical of the classroom experience and he was happy to face questions that were beyond the classroom and the regular school curriculum. He found the diverse range of topics interesting which included science, literature and music. He also found that interacting with his competitors enriched his overall experience at the QPL.

About Haricharan

He enjoys reading books and watching documentaries. He also loves playing video games. He loves keyboard, cricket and basketball. He is also a huge fan of cars and puts in a lot of effort to research about cars. His favourite car is the Chevrolet Corbett. He also does research on sustainable fuel energy to reduce global warming. He is very keen on learning about space and aspires to be an Astro- physicist.

How did he get to know about QPL 3.0

Haricharan got to know about QPL through his teacher. He was excited to know that he was one of the youngest participants in the event.

About the Quiz Premier League (QPL)

He found the competition tough. He found the questioning very interesting. He was able to answer a lot of the questions because he reads a lot of informative, educational books. His hobby of watching documentaries also helped him to tackle some of the questions confidently. He also watches fun scientific videos on YouTube which helped him answer the questions in the science section.

The challenges of the QPL

Haricharan found the last round of the QPL challenging as he had to be careful in choosing the topics for the finale and determine the marks for the same. Since there was negative marking for this round, it was generally considered a difficult round. Although it was challenging, it was also a favourite moment for Haricharan as it helped him enhance his decision making skills. He understood that he had to optimise his choices based on his knowledge so as to be able to win the competition.

Check out the finals of QPL 3.0. You will see the best of quizzing talents here.

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