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Christmas Bonanza from Learner Circle

This Christmas Learner Circle has a host of exciting activities lined up for you. We believe the holidays are a good time to experiment with various interests and we have a buffet of events for you to choose from. We have Book Buzz for bookworms, a chess tournament for the chess aficionados and a power party for anyone who wants to showcase their talent!! How amazing is that?

A christmas poster with text ; This holiday season gift the joy of learning to your little ones!
The gift of learning

Book Buzz

In Book Buzz we present to you book reviews of some exclusive books for children. The book reviews are presented in visual and written form. We also feature book reviews written by children. On this platform we invite children who love reading and writing to submit their book reviews. We will feature these reviews on our Book Buzz.

A poster of books piled.  Text : Book Buzz
Book Buzz

Chess Tournament

This Christmas we invite all our young talent of Learner Circle to join us for a Swiss-system chess tournament. This would be a great opportunity to test out those opening moves and secret strategies. Learner Circle has planned this tournament on 24th December 2021 and has lot of exciting prizes for this event.

A poster on the Chess Tournament. Text on details of the tournament
Chess Tournament

Power Party

This is a talent competition for children upto 16 years. Children are encouraged to send in a 90 second video displaying their talent. The video can be a musical performance, a dance performance, a speech, or any visual art presentation like photography, painting, craft, digital arts, meme creation or any of your drawings. Don’t hesitate to participate and grab a chance to win prizes worth Rs.50,000/-

A poster on Power Party.  It gives details on the different topics for submission
Power Party

Free Online Practice Sessions:

We have introduced free practice sessions for all our students. All practice sessions come free with your course. You can use them anytime between 7pm – 8.30pm IST. Our coordinators will be present to guide you during those practice sessions. If you are serious about your skill and would like acquire proficiency in your chosen passion, then these practice sessions are just for you!!

A poster describing all the free online practice sessions
Free Online practice Sessions

Participate, Learn and Grow

This is a great opportunity for all parents to encourage their children to take part in as many activities as possible. It is only when children explore, can they have some adventure, when children have adventure, they learn. When children learn they grow physically, intellectually and psychologically. Learner Circle would like to be part of this learning journey for your child. In line with our vision to provide infinite learning opportunities for children, we are constantly thinking out of the box on how to engage children. We understand that this could also be a good time for parents to sit back and observe their children as they participate. This could help parents understand their children better and identify a dominant trait if possible. It is when a child enjoys an activity immensely and shows great aptitude for it. Then parents may find ways to provide resources or the environment for the child to develop that particular skill.

Santa has come early

Please do not hesitate to talk to us if your child loves any of our events and would like to try out some of our courses. This Christmas you get to enjoy 33% off on all our courses! Santa has come early!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

A christmas poster displaying text : Enjoy 33%off on all our courses
33% off on all courses

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