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And now what’s cooking?

Ever heard of the term Mageirocophobia? Well, it is the fear of cooking food.! I wonder what the Mageirocophobias did during the lockdown?!!! (Eyes rolling up in the head) Well, they ordered from the enterprising cooks who began their food ventures during this time!

A colourful picture of tomatoes, capsicum and cucumber
What's cooking

The Food Industry during lockdown

The lockdown had a tremendous impact on the food industry prompting several businesses to close. This situation accelerated the cooking spree that took place in every kitchen around the world. Moms, dad, and kids moved into the kitchen. This change in behaviour and lifestyle was the harbinger of new food businesses. It opened opportunities for stay-at-home moms to start “order from home ventures.”

A picture of fresh strawberry.  and strawberry pie at the side
The food industry

The food industry is now evolving at the edge of the pandemic. One of the most enduring industries, people have been nourishing their body and souls with food from the beginning of time.

So, it is not surprising that a huge influx of children entered the kitchen during this time.

A picture of food dishes
Children and cooking

The changes in the food industry

Social media gifted the industry the perfect growing conditions: influencer marketing! Mouth-watering visuals, a close-knit community, and a sense of authenticity are fostering influencer marketing big time.

The beginning of a new food economy began during lockdown. A whole new kind of industry began to take shape. The impact of this today is that there is a big boom in the number of influencers on social media, new businesses have taken shape and latest food trends are the craze. Social media became the most accessible platform for foodies and aspiring chefs. Dishes like Dalgona coffee, banana bread and one-minute recipes become the chartbusters.

Thus, creating a huge change in food trends, food bloggers and kid food influencers. Industry watchers began to see opportunity in people craving for safe home-cooked food. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook all burst with various cuisines from regional to gourmet offering online classes or home delivery. Things like Feta bread, vegan food, gluten-free food, diabetic-friendly meals and fireless cooking became a part of the food conversation.

Because social media is so easy to use and access for kids. A large number of kid food influencers mushroomed on the internet.

A picture of children cooking
Kid food influencers

Food Bloggers

Research revealed that 75% of internet users read blogs which means that at least 346 million people read blogs every day. So, it is not surprising that blogging became a profitable online marketing tool for businesses in all industrial sectors. In India, food blogging has become a lucrative business for good connoisseurs, with the F & B industry booming big time. Top food bloggers can bring in more business just by reaching to their target audience and successfully engaging their customer base.

Social media has become a source for shopping inspiration. Influencer marketing has taken over the food industry.

A picture of soaked oranges
Influencer Marketing

Why has cooking become a rage for children?

How many parents are brave enough to allow their kids into their kitchen? Does the fear of the kitchen turning into bomb site play a role in parents stopping their kids from entering the kitchen? Despite this fear being prevalent among parents, many parents have tempted their kids into the kitchen quite successfully. Who does not love a well-cooked meal? A hot meal bursting with flavours and aromas in the right ambience has always brought people together.

The pandemic played a gigantic role in increasing the focus on home-made food and cooking. But the cooking mania among children began way before the pandemic.

A picture of a colourful apron with Text Junior master chef
Junior Master Chef

The Junior Master Chef

In the year 2013 both America and India launched their versions of the Junior Master Chef, this became the impetus for the craze that sent a wave of aromas over kitchens all over the world. Both these shows were launched around the same time. These platforms have become popular world over and highlight incredible talent. It also generated interest in a skill set that was neglected especially in India, especially among boys. Although the Indian version did not last for long, the American version is still popular among kid’s world over. With judges like Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi dishing out expert advice.

A picture of kids cooking
Children in the kitchen

Cooking is a good learning tool for children

Cooking is a wonderful way to introduce measurements to children and one way to enhance skill development. It is also a fun way to teach them facts about nutrition and the importance of healthy eating. They also learn about different food types, textures, and colours. If a trip to the local market is planned before the cooking session, then kids can also learn about financial planning, budgeting and even negotiation. It is also a fantastic way to teach them about the basics of agriculture and growing food.

A picture of cheese and herbs
Cooking and creativity

It helps to enhance their motor skills

Cooking involves a lot of chopping, mixing, stirring, and measuring. As kids learn all these activities, they improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. They do not even realise that they are learning. The kitchen becomes a classroom and a playground.

A picture of a mom cooking in the kitchen with her duaghter
Motor skills

The experience of cooking nudges imagination and creativity

Children can get creative with recipes and the way the food is presented. Culinary art is an amazing platform to put children’s imagination at work and encourage them to get creative with their work. Food art also improves focus and concentration. It motivates kids to experiment with various kinds of food, cooking methods like fireless cooking and various presentation techniques.

A picture of dalogna coffee
Food Trends - #dalgona

It is a perfect way to bond with the family

Cooking is fun. It allows children to loosen up a little and be themselves. It is a fun method to communicate and strengthen the parent-child bond. It creates an environment where children feel confident with the attention of the parent. The need to communicate about the recipe, the ingredients and the method of cooking will also enhance language skills.

Grandmother, child and daughter
Bonding with the family

It tutors the kids values of teamwork

It helps kids understand the value of teamwork and the importance of collaborating with every member of the team. They learn to listen to their team members and communicate effectively. It teaches them patience, discipline and planning.

A picture of chopped pink gauva and whole gauva
Values of teamwork

Children learn to enjoy a variety of foods

Cooking helps children understand the value of food and it is a natural appetizer for children. When children participate in the cooking process, they are more likely to enjoy. It is quite likely that they may find vegetables more appealing or soup as comfort food.

Pumpkin, Oneion and garlic
A Variety of foods


So, kids! Grab your aprons and head to the kitchen now!

A picture of a someone's hand on the sandwich, biscuits and a bag of fruits.
So, what's cooking now?

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