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5 reasons why travel is good for children

Most parents wonder how to get their children to get outdoors and away from their devices. One of the ways is to get away from it all for a while. Yes, if you hear the mountains calling, run to it. If the waves of the ocean whisper to you from another country, run to it. If the famous Padauk tree far in the Andamans, rustles it leaves in the rhythm of your favorite song, then why not just give in and dance? The only way that can be done is through travel. Travel offers rich diverse experiences that no other outdoor activity can offer. Read on to know 5 reasons why travel is good for children.

Why is travel good for children?

1. It exposes them to various cultures at an early age

Travel is the perfect window for children to have a peek at various cultures. It teaches them about language, exposes them to the local cuisine and the traditional clothes of the place. It is also a great experience for them to observe the behavior of people, understand standards of living, natural sources of income and industries specific to the region.

2. It is by far one of the most enriching experiences for them

Children learn a lot on a journey. The stimulation of new places, people, sights and smells can easily activate all their five senses. Children are enlivened on these journeys and tend to learn more. They are more curious and generally eager to grasp everything around them. Parents can take advantage of the novelty factor to teach children the geography, economy, landscape and languages of the places they visit. Planning and involving the children helps to get them more interested in the history that the place has to offer. The learning experiences are infinite when children are exposed to various terrains. This helps their body and mind to adapt to changes, adversity and teaches them how to face challenges.

3. It teaches them skills like planning, organization, and efficiency

The easiest way to teach children to plan and organize things efficiently is to get them involved in planning a trip for the family. It teaches them the importance of planning ahead. It also motivates them to research about the place and learn about the weather conditions. This will help them to organize and plan meals ahead especially for vegetarians or vegans. Most people travel on a tight schedule and on a budget. Hence, people tend to be more conscious of time management. It is a good time for children to learn the importance of discipline and doing things efficiently in a fun way. It is surprising that children are eager to wake up early on a holiday just to check out their surroundings when compared to other days. Learning about the new routes will also stimulate their recall abilities and get them to use their memory skills to remember how to get back home or the shortest route to the beach.

4.It broadens their perspective

There is no other experience like travel that can teach children about the ways of the world. They learn about diversities and stereotypes. It is easy to teach them about social issues like poverty, discrimination and racism. When children learn and realize how privileged their world is, it puts things in a different perspective for them. It teaches them to accept their own circumstances and be more grateful for whatever they have. It is a challenging time for parents as we live in a world of plenty. Children get more than they need and are also exposed a lot more to what other children have. This knowledge sometimes instills in them a sense of entitlement. When children know and understand the disparities and injustices around the world, it will appeal to their compassionate side and help them practice more gratitude. It is an interesting way for children to learn about currencies, the economics of a country and exchange rates that vary across the world.

5. It is a good time for families to bond

Travel is fun and it’s a great opportunity for families to unwind. As families plan and need to make various decisions during a trip, it’s a great way to improve communication and listen a little more to each other. Children also learn to handle conflicts, debate effectively and come to decisions in a sensible fair manner. It’s also the perfect time for families to do things together, thereby getting to know new things about each other and interacting with a lot more understanding. Holidays are a good time to showcase a loving, supportive environment for children. As children always remember holidays and tend to use them as a benchmark memory of their childhood.


A lot of parents may worry about not being able to afford to travel. It is not mandatory that a travel experience must be to a faraway country or an exotic place. Even small trips to the local historical sites in the neighborhood can be planned as fun excursion trips with the children. Join the local trekking group or even plan a cycling event with the children of the neighborhood. It is the little things that make a difference. All that matters is that children indulge in outdoor play and experiences. That is how they learn and that is how they grow.

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