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5 reasons why children should sketch

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first artists who took art to the streets. He believed that an artist could truly explore their potential only if they had direct contact with life. So, he took a notebook to the streets and used his sketching to record his ideas, memories, and observations. So, it was Da Vinci who taught us the value of sketching and how much closer it brings us to human life. Here are 5 reasons why children should sketch.

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Sketching is fun

The benefits of sketching

1. Accelerates Creativity

In a study conducted by the National Centre of Biotechnology Information, it showed that drawing triggers open-ended thought and creativity. Children can manage conflict-resolution more easily. It also fosters critical thinking skills which are future skills as recognized by the UN.

2. Improves Communication

It helps improve communication through visuals using pictorial representations. It helps children in decision-making skills. It also a great way to understand human behavior, their emotions and convey a message on important social issues.

3. Improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

The more children practice drawing, the better their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When artists use techniques like blind contour drawing and continuous line-drawing, they tend to use both sense of sight and touch relying on instinct.

4. Improves Cognitive thinking

Sketching is a great booster for cognitive thought. It triggers thinking on the spot or thinking out of the box. It fosters sustained attention in children for long periods. Children can think categorically based on shapes, dimensions, and colors. It is said to improve concentration and enhances logical thinking.

5. It is a stress buster

Drawing or sketching is a simple technique to detangle from negative thoughts or a negative situation. It is a calming activity that can be quite a mood booster. So, whether it’s sketching or doodling, it’s an alley that can be explored during stressful times.


Learner Circle offers a variety of online courses for sketching for children who want to pursue their passion. All our courses are curated to foster creativity and imagination in children. Our vision is to encourage children on a journey of infinite learning by constantly innovating new learning methods for children. We understand that children are different and different children learn differently. That is why we are constantly adding to our list of online courses to give children more opportunities to explore and grow. We believe that helping children to pursue their passion can help become better leaders for tomorrow.

If your child wants to pursue sketching please do not hesitate to check our website for a free demo.

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