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5 Mobile Photography Tips for Incredible Photos

Do you want to snap stunning photos with your mobile phone? Mobile photography may seem challenging. But with a few simple hacks, you’ll be able to shoot the kind of photos you never thought possible!

Whether you shoot with a professional camera or with your mobile phone, a great photographer can make beautiful photos using any device capable of capturing images.

Read on to discover 5 mobile photography tips that will improve your photos.

Use Natural Lighting

The biggest aspect of photography is to focus on light. No matter where you’re snapping photos, and no matter what camera you’re using, the first thing you should do is look around you and look at where the natural light is coming from.

It could be from your window, lamps, or just even direct sun. Once you got the correct direction and quality of the light, you're already on a path to take better photos.

Let’s not forget that mobile photography is all about using light. Even the most boring composition will be saved by the good natural light, no matter if it’s day or evening.

Focus on Angle

Taking pictures from different angles can result in some of the most memorable photos. This is all about seeing from another perspective and to do this it will require some innovation.

Try shooting from the dog's eye view-this will make you look at the objects from a new perspective. Also, learn to use the grid, and then, just as importantly, figure out to do without it.

You can even try bird's eye view- to capture that shot you need to position yourself above the subject. To capture this type of shot you can try taking pictures from rooftops or even ladders.

Lookout for Details

Lookout for minute details while you are capturing your shot. A perfect shot doesn't have to be filled to be captivating.

Even a single object with its most interesting details can enrich your photo highly. You can even try portrait mode to focus on details.

Most mobile photos tend to have a wide depth of field, which means a sharp focus throughout the scene. Controlling the focus plays a big part in capturing the details.

Capture Using HDR Mode

Have you ever wondered what HDR mode on your mobile phone does? Many people ignore this setting, but this can help with exposure.

The expansion HDR is High Dynamic Range. It is important to turn this feature ON to make sure your photos are perfectly exposed.

The basic logic behind HDR is it enables your camera to take several photos in quick succession; some are lighter and some are darker. Your mobile phone then combines these to give one better-exposed image.

However, don’t turn ON this mode if your subject is moving, as you’ll get end up with a blurred image.

Capture action shots using Burst Mode

Last yet not least, the ultimate aim of capturing photos is to cherish it for life. Capturing the perfect moment will be so cherishing. This type of action shots can be snapped using burst mode.

In general, burst mode in your camera app allows you to take multiple shots in quick succession. This is great for capturing action shots of people.

You can even use this mode to capture scenery while traveling. You can then finally scroll through the snaps and can pick the best one.

At its heart, mobile photography is all about fun. Capturing stunning mobile photos is not a dream anymore! It's time for you to take out your mobile phone and start capturing your beautiful moments.

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