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4 Activities to teach children about design thinking

Children tend to do many things with the objects they get in their hands. They pick up something which attracts their eyes, fidget with it for some time and try using it as a toy. This is your child generating ideas and drawing out designs. This is a process that we as parents should applaud and encourage to foster creativity at home. Here are some creative activities which can teach children about design thinking.

1. Create moving doodles using a Thaumatrope

Thaumatropes use the same method as the artists who create cartoons. This is a great way to show children the illusion technique of joining two images into one. You can make this by gluing two pieces of paper together and spinning them on a thread.

  • Cut out a white cardboard circle.

  • On the front, draw a picture, for example, a glass jar on the left. On the back, draw another picture relating to the glass jar, for example, a few fireflies upside down on the right.

  • Punch two holes in the sides of the circle and thread string through either side. When you twist them, they start spinning, connecting the front and back images.

2. Make a Kite and watch it fly high in different shapes

Kites are joyous fun for children to make with colorful paper. Getting them to design different shapes of kites will teach them that there’s more than one way to do something. Secondly, it leads children to their idea of shapes and color combinations. Here are some types of kites you can make the kids try out.

  • Delta Kites

  • Diamond Kites

  • Snake Kites

  • Rokkakus

3. Design a best-out-of-waste craft item

Reusing household waste products to create beautiful handicrafts for your home, accessories, or even toys for your children out of scrap materials is a great way to showcase innovation. It's a creative and exciting approach to keep your kids busy with their design thinking. In addition, this teaches them about the three Rs of waste management. These are some best-out-of-waste crafts children can indulge in to boost their creativity:

  • Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

  • Tin Can Lanterns

  • Colorful Cardboard Bookmarks

  • Bottle Piggy Bank

4. Engage in DIY projects

DIY is a wonderful way to introduce children to the concept of design thinking. It makes children think out of the box as it pushes creative boundaries. However, as parents, we should encourage children to use basic design principles and onhand materials to express their individuality.

Let your children try out some of these useful DIY projects:

  • DIY Wall Decors

  • DIY Barbie dress art

  • DIY Paper Box and paper photo frame

  • DIY Pen stand

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