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What's been happening at Learner Circle

Quiz Premier League

We decided to conduct a quiz competition last month to bring the spotlight on kids with different interests and aptitudes for learning. Considering the importance of quizzing in the learning journey for children we have curated a fun method to include this method of learning into our curriculum. Many experts recommend quizzing as an innovative method to build knowledge and explore new skills at an early age. It also helps recall and identify gaps in learning.

Quizzing is also helpful for children to build interpersonal skills and teamwork. It is a great platform to foster a healthy competitive spirit among kids, teaching them to strategize and share knowledge with others. Moreover, learning through quizzing teaches kids to move away from rote learning.

The quiz conducted by Learner Circle covered a diverse range of topics. It was an amazing platform for quizzing enthusiasts. It displayed wide range of intellectuals whose interests varied from grammar to sport. The quiz drew participants from all over the world and displayed versatile talent.

Bharatnatyam Mash-up

Our Classical Indian dance course is one of the most fun activities on our platform. We are delighted to inform you that we have a complete batch of kids who have completed the entire Bharatnatyam course with us after diligently progressing through each level. To showcase their skills, this innovative batch has created an entertaining mash-up for all of us.

Another testimonial in our journey of infinite learning for children. All our students have show tremendous talent and passion towards this art. They learnt a lot from our dedicated set of teachers who constantly motivate them and guide them during the course. The teacher-student bond is crucial in the learning process, this has played a tremendous role in the development of students at Learner Circle. We have seen these children blossom right under eyes. We are proud to highlight to you their potential through this platform.

Swiss Chess Tournament

In cutting-edge style, we hosted our first ever Swiss Chess Tournament under the guidance of one of our best chess tutors, Mr Abhi Joshi. We are proud to have been part of an event that actively engaged 137 participants around the world in this mind-boggling game. We have recorded some interesting,

nerve-wracking moments of some of the games. The participants aged from 5yr to 16yrs displayed immense acumen and passion towards the game.

Chess has always been a go-to activity for parents to help children channelise their creative energies. Throughout this tournament we watched the children get engrossed in planning strategies, using their cognitive skills and being creative in their game plan.

We will constantly be updating our website on details of the above events. Stay tuned for videos and other details. In case you have plans to try out the courses at Learner Circle, just book a free demo by clicking here.

At Learner Circle, we are constantly brainstorming and trying to think out-of-the-box to help children all over the world develop their cognitive, intellectual, creative, and physical skills. All our courses are designed based on building these kinds of skills for children. We have lot of exciting events coming up soon and we are actively thinking of innovative ways to add to the overall development and intellectual growth of children all over the world.

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