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Strengthen Your Child's Math Skills & Improve Marks!

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World Record
in Maths

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Using this App Brooke Cressey, an 8 year old from UK answered 210 Multiplication and Division questions in 60 seconds and broke the previous Guinness world record of 196 Questions. 

Learners using this program hold The Guinness World Record for fastest calculations!

Your Child could be the next champion!

Why Learn Multiplication?







Mastery of multiplication is a fundamental mathematical concept that is used throughout a child's schooling and in many aspects of daily life.


Learning multiplication helps children develop a deeper understanding of numbers and the relationships between them, allowing them to perform more complex mathematical operations with ease.


Knowledge of multiplication is essential for understanding concepts such as area, volume, and rates.


Learning multiplication improves children's problem-solving skills and ability to think logically and abstractly.


Knowing multiplication is necessary for success in math and science classes, as well as many other subjects.

Learning multiplication is an important step in a child's mathematical education, it is necessary for understanding many mathematical concepts and solving real-world problems. It also helps in the development of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. As parents, support your child by encouraging them to practice and making it fun and engaging.

How it Work's

Easy Steps to boost your scores in maths


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Sign up & take the FREE 5 min. assessment

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Get custom report on your current skills

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Start the personalised game based learning 

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Practise, Play & Improve Math Outcomes

Game-Based Learning

Learner Circle brings the Speedx program to your fingertips! It is a meticulously designed program to Master Times Tables.  So join our program now and be a math superstar!


Our Weekly Live Classes ensure the child's effective learning and progress. 

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LIVE classes for Reinforcement

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Gamified AI App for practice

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Tips, Tricks & Methods 

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Competitions & Tournaments

Join now
Get 14 days of FREE access

LIVE Class programs start as low as ₹499
with 1 year of access!

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Sign Up Now


Get Free Access to the Game-based learning 

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Download Free
Practice Worksheets

Join Game-based learning + LIVE Classes 


Hundreds of Thousands of Students across 16,000 schools learn using this tool!

Learner Circle in collaboration with Math Circle, United Kingdom is presenting an App to change your child’s life for better with just 10 mins of practice daily. Used by Hundreds of thousands of pupils across 16,000 schools, this will be a game changer!

Master Multiplication​​

  • Live interactive reinforcement classes

  • Gain Instant Recall

  • Improve Memory, Accuracy & Calculation Speed 

  • Score well in school tests

Heat map showing Fluency improvement
Actual Dashboard of John Deepu (7 yrs old), May'22
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Speed Analytics
Max. speed of 1.4s achieved in 20 days

No gimmicks!

Monitor your child's improvement through  Live Dashboard

  • Track Realtime progress

  • Time Practised

  • Speed & Accuracy

Join The X-Factor
Our Quarterly Tournament

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Show us your SPEED &
Win Amazing Prizes 

Global competition

Winning certificate

Win Amazing Prices

Hate Math? Not Anymore!

Fall in Love with Math through our program.

The most important operator in math is "X". Yes Multiplication, makes or breaks the love for Math. We make math enjoyable and fun for children. We actually don't teach math we impart a Life-skill.


Once a week LIVE classes will help reinforce the tables and concepts. Monitored practice sessions will ensure children catch up with their regular practise. Learn Mental Math Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts as well.


Weekly Competitions  are a chance to assess the child's level of - recall, fluency and accuracy. For the learners, it's a chance to boost confidence and a window for self- assessment. 

International Tournament

To motivate children to practise regularly, there are Quarterly International Tournaments scheduled with some amazing prizes. Compete with children from across the globe & win amazing prizes.


Gamified platform that brings back a child again and again to practise multiplication tables. Change avatars, get gold coins and more.

Parents and Teachers Love Learner Circle

We initially thought it's more of a game, but to our surprise our son mastered all the tables from 1-12 within a span of 24 days. He topped his batch in speed & fluency at Learner Circle. We are very happy about our decision to put him in this course.

Parents of John Deepu

7 year old from May'22 batch

My son Maheshwar knew most of the tables, but this course really made him learn faster and improved his overall speed. His fluency is now top notch well ahead of his class students. He used to love joining the LIVE sessions and interact with other kids.

Mr. Nallasivan dad of

Maheshwar, Class 4

Joshitha loves Ms Purthi's sessions. She has picked up Multiplication tables very quickly and she is now teaching other kids in our neighbourhood!  

Ms. Anjali Mother of

9 year old Joshitha


If the child fails to improve in multiplication and division skills after the tutor led program

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