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What are the courses offered at Learner Circle?

We have courses from different categories including,

  • Communication

  • Dance and music

  • Wellness

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Story-telling

  • Writing

  • Cooking and more.

What are the minimum requirements to take up a Learning in Learner Circle?

A smartphone and a good network connection are all you need to take up a session or a course. However, there are course-specific requirements that are mentioned on every course page. It is necessary to have the requirements handy to have the best and hands-on learning experience for your child.

What is the difference between a workshop and a Course?

A workshop does not span more than an hour. You can take any individual workshop without the dependency on previous knowledge. Whereas courses are designed to build the required skillets towards the end. Each course will be for 15 to 30 hours.

How are the Tutors chosen?

The Tutors (or Inspirers as we call them) are from around the world and are experts in their field. A team of experts handpicks them. Apart from knowledge on the subject, the tutors are evaluated on their ability to handle children online. We make it a point that they have vast experience in teaching and dealing with children. Our tutors build children's curiosity and help them understand concepts. Our Learners are given individual attention by regular feedback and assessment sessions. 

How many children will be learning simultaneously?

Our average class size is about four students. We ensure the progress of the Learner is tracked, and individual attention is given to each child. No two child has the same learning pace, and that makes every Learner unique. We make sure the assignments and assessments are given to engage the child in continuous learning.

What does Learner Circle mean by LIVE sessions?

We do not offer recorded sessions where there will be no real interaction between the tutor and the Learner. The link to the classes will be provided once they sign up for their session/course. There will be direct interaction with the tutor to clarify their doubts and understand better. (There are no hidden charges to interact with the tutor or to ask their doubts.)

When do we get the link to join a session?

The links to the session will be sent via mail or our course manager will send a reminder email on the day of the class.

How do I become a member of Learner Circle?

Make the most of Learner Circle by becoming a member now. Click here and chose the best membership plan that suits your child's learning needs. Login using your email id or with Facebook or with Google and start your learning journey.

How to unsubscribe from the auto renewal of Unlimited Learning Membership Plan?

The Unlimited Learning Membership Plan is billed monthly or every 30 days. Therefore, you may cancel whenever you want (or best at the end of a billing cycle)

How to get the Certificate of Completion of a course?

Attendance to at least 90% of the classes is mandatory to gain a Certificate of Completion. Once the course is completed, the certificate is sent through the registered Email ID. If you have not received your Certificate, you can either raise your concern on the Chatbot, mail

I registered for a Course but was informed that the class got canceled?

Cancellation of classes happens only when there is an emergency for the tutor. The class will be rescheduled, and you will be duly informed of any such very rare circumstances.

I lost my internet connection during a class. Can I get the recording?

We are a LIVE learning platform. We don't provide recording's to the students. You can always rejoin the session with the same link or contact our course coordinators for quick assistance.

How do I get a free trial?

You can directly contact us for a demo session or avail of your 7-day free trial by signing up for the Unlimited Learning Membership Plan, which you can unsubscribe if you are not impressed enough (Pass on your valuable feedback and comments to improve our service, though)

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