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Kudos to our Comrade

Here is the shout out to LCians who have made their colleagues life easier, brought a smile to our customer or is simply worth a praise.

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Abhi Joshi

Abhi Joshi for doing a fabulous job with the Swiss Chess tournament. - Sherral

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Chamu Arul

Chamu, is always upfront in getting info about her sessions that she is handling and never hesitate to ask help at any time and the best part that she gives the details in the group after every session as what Tutor taught for the day in the class.She will make sure the session is going smooth from both Tutor and the Student side.Thanks Chamu for the support.

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Pon Perumal

Abhi Joshi for doing a fabulous job with the Swiss Chess tournament. - Sherral

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I truly appreciate all of the guidance and encouragement you gave me. Working with you has been such a pleasure.- Michael

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Sharanya, is always ready to help us in providing the information like Kids attendance,session links,sending emails to the parents etc.The best part is sharing yelling from parents most of the time. Thanks Sharanya for the Great support.

Kudos Comrade1-05.jpg


I would like to take this chance to appreciate Deepika.

She has helped me in many situations and has had situations where I could interact with her a lot more than others.

Deepika, having you as a team member has helped me to take the US sessions forward that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Your talent of conversation and care for a new joinee has certainly made my work life easier and much more comfortable. I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you team for an opportunity to let this Deepika know.

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