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Digital Marketing Course - Google Ecosystem

Learn to leverage tools or technologies from Google to grow your business. Ideal for Start-ups/ Business owners to set up digital strategies to acquire customers online

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One Hours One-On-One Session

You will learn some of the best strategies and processes followed by large Organizations to grow their business online.

Two days of power-packed online sessions and then one-to-one consultation about your business.

Upcoming Batch - Digital Marketing (Google Ecosystem)


July 1 and July 2, 2022

(Friday & Saturday)


8 Hours of Learning from 10 AM to 3 PM both days and 1 Hour Free Consultation

Course fees

 Rs. 7500 / 350 AED / 99 USD

What do you get?

Online LIVE Classes by Experts + 1 Hour of Free Consultation + 3 PDF hacks for your business


Introduction - 1 Hour

  1. Importance of digital marketing

  2. Understand key elements of marketing before getting into the tools

  3. Introduction to various platforms

  4. Being a business owner and running digital campaigns


Google Analytics - 3 Hours

  1. Introduction: Why, How, Setting up and Views

  2. Understanding the menus and navigation

  3. Understand - Audience, Acquisition, User behaviour

  4. Setting up Business Goals and Conversion tracking

  5. Tracking and Measuring performance

  6. LIVE Example of a website and an activity


Search Engine Optimization - 2 Hours

  1. What, Why and Types of SEO 

  2. How does a search engine work? 

  3. Tactics and Methods 

  4. Developing content - Keyword optimization

  5. SEO Tools 

  6. Guidelines


Google Ads - Search ads - 2 Hours

  1. Setting right objectives and messaging for each ad

  2. Running Search Ads

  3. Create and optimize App Campaigns

  4. Create and optimize Display campaigns

  5. Run and grow with Video ads

Who should take this course?

Business Owners and startup founders who want to get a better grip on their organisation's Digital marketing!

Business owners can nominate a responsible employee who can think from an overall business perspective as well!

Why should you take this course?

Initiate and run campaigns successfully

Understand micro-level details to fine-tune campaigns for better results

How and when to scale up digital marketing activties

Key takeaways

Notes on the best practices to follow for SEO

Hacks to manage digital agencies with right metrics

Methodologies to arrive at digital marketing objectives for your business

What should you know before joining?

Understanding of websites and basic awareness about various digital marketing tools

FREE One-hour consultation

Understand your

1. Business environment

2. Goals for the year

3. Target customer

4. Feedback and Suggestions on the marketing front

5. Cross-leveraging knowledge and skill for growth

This will be an informal, interactive and customer centric session.  We will look at "how" and "what" part of achieving your business / career goals


Meet Your Trainers

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Founder and CEO - Learner Circle

Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist and Digital Enthusiast



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Digital Marketing Expert

Author, SEO Expert, and Consults Start-ups on Growth Experiments

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Social Media Specialist

Author, Story Teller, Content Specialist, Design Thinker