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Carnatic Vocals Course for Kids

From Basics To Expert Level - Carnatic Vocals for Kids

Level 1

Sarali, Madhya Sthayi, Melstayi and Mandrastayi Varisais

Level 2

Janta and Daatu Varisais with Alankarams, Geethams, Jathiswaram and Varnams

Level 3

Geethams, Keerthanais and some more

A Journey Of Life Begins With Learner Circle

Carnatic vocals for kids by professional singers. Professional teaching from basics to expert level for kids from 6 to 16 years. Our courses are well-defined to help kids to learn and master carnatic vocals

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Online LIVE Classes by Our Expert Tutors

pooja carnatic tutor.jpeg

Dr. Pooja

Carnatic Vocals Tutor

Srilasya carnatic tuotr.jpeg

Ms. Srilasya

Carnatic Vocals Tutor

Why should your child take the Carnatic Vocals Course at Learner Circle?


Comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance musical skills

Support Team

A friendly support team to handle all queries and requests.


Path to Trinity Certification

Opportunity to Perform LIVE.

Includes Level-wise certificates

Online Classes

All our courses online LIVE classes conducted by a qualified teacher.

Practice Sessions

Apart from classes, we have also set aside some time for kids to practice on our LIVE platform

Cognitive Skills

Kids will enjoy musical expressions and will appreciate patterns and rhythms

A course in Music is one of the best gifts that you can give to your child..

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